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EIS Finito seeks £0.5m for Development Capital
Funding Required: £0.5m
EIS localsecrets solutions Ltd seeks £150,000
Funding Required: £150,000
EIS NextFin seeks £500k for product development, strategic acquisition, traffic growth to 6M visitors per year
Funding Required: £500k
EIS Jupiter Diagnostics seeks £250k for a 4.5% stake in the company
Funding Required: £250,000
EIS Pufferfish Ltd seeks £900,000
Funding Required: £900,000
EIS SFD Systems Ltd seeks £2m
Funding Required: £2m
EIS Reacta Biotech seeks £750,000 of which £550,000 already raised
Funding Required: £750,000
EIS Sentinel Partnership seeks £300,000 for a 10% stake in the Company
Funding Required: £300,000
EIS Absail Partners Ltd seeks £650,000 capital to secure UK Licence for Enerpulse Technologies Inc.
Funding Required: £650,000
EIS Wheatfromchaff Ltd seeks £300k for product development and marketing
Funding Required: £300,ooo
EIS Milamber Ventures plc is a public listed company seeking new investors to diversify its shareholder base.
Funding Required: £-
SEIS Vestdeck, the Investor Interactions platform seeks £150,000 for roll-out
Funding Required: £150,000
EIS Gobbler Boats seek £2.5m to exploit new oil spill technology
Funding Required: £2.5m
EIS The Headshot Guy seeks £150,000 R&D to scale and working capital
Funding Required: £150,000
Asia Teak Group seeks £5 million - minimum £35,000
Funding Required: £5m (Minimum £35k)
EIS Zilico Ltd seeks a further £500k growth funding via Deepbridge Syndicate
Funding Required: £500,000
AirTicketArena Ltd seeks £350,000
Funding Required: £350,000
EIS Goldfinch Goodnight Limited seeks £500,000
Funding Required: £500,000
EIS Born To Productions Limited seeks £700k, minimum application £70,000
Funding Required: £700,000
Rocksolve International seeks £200,000
Funding Required: £200,000
EIS VN Aerotoxic Detection Solutions Ltd seeks £600,000 development capital for prototyping, field testing and certification
Funding Required: £600,000
EIS ioLight seeks £250,000 for sales & marketing and product development
Funding Required: £250,000
EIS Active Needle Technology Ltd seeks minimum target £250k, with max overfunding to £400k
Funding Required: £250k
EIS Novum Insights seeks development capital to grow Data Analytics business
Funding Required: £450,000

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Tax relief depends on an individual's circumstances and may change in the future.  In addition, the availability of tax relief depends on the company invested in maintaining its qualifying status.

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